Why Genevieve” she slept with deferent Men to make her fortune – Says Toke Makinwa

Why Genevieve” she slept with deferent Men to make her fortune – Says Toke Makinwa

Nigerian media personality, actress and host Toke Makinwa spoke with actress Lilian Afegbaye about the latest episode of her show Toke Moments and during the show they talked about everything from dating in Lagos to social media pressure and people trying to grow up fast. Toque also revealed that he was one of those people who said and believed that some artists, especially women, could be successful because of men before they became very successful. He now describes how the experience ultimately changed his thinking. That’s what Toke said.

Toke Makinwa in “Toke Moments” During Toke Moments, Toke Makinwa said: To say this is to be honest, it would be a word from the missing piece. Before this happened to me, I remember hearing, “Oh, Genevieve has this and that” or whatever, and someone in the room said, “Pay no attention! It’s not him”. She says, “Not the guy who did the shopping for me, but the date?” Things start to happen until you start making money and handling it wisely. And then you sit and understand.

Maybe he didn’t do it all. So I think I need to go through that stage too. Because I belong to those people who say, “Oh, that’s impossible. Someone has to be behind this success,” every time I sit down. What do you know? People don’t even realize I’m a walking billboard. I make money even when I sleep. And I’ve never been so broken. Yes, not strangling, but good at all levels. When I wear.

People who do certain things because they have to do it at the moment in order to log out. If not, how can I remove it from the system? So I’m not one to look down on even the little girls who are wearing Birkins these days. My problem was when I was 19 years old. If you grow up too soon, you face the big things too soon, and sometimes the little things stop impressing you because you need those little moments. I appreciate small moments.


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